About Us

India can finally enjoy the taste of authentic New York-style bagels with the arrival of the American Bagel Factory. Following Good Manufacturing Practices and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, we pride ourselves on baking fresh every day the most authentic New York-style bagels.

Our commitment begins with the most authentic and highest quality ingredients and ends with incredibly delicious products, offered in a huge variety of fresh choices.

Bagel & Us

What is a bagel? Well, it’s essentially a bread roll with a hole in it. However, it’s the texture that makes it distinct. The outside is usually brown and slightly crispy. Once you bite inside, its’s dense, chewy and doughy.

Legend has it that the world’s first bagel was produced in 1683 by a Viennesse baker as a tribute to the King of Poland. Bagels came to New York in the 1880s, with the immigration of Eastern European Jews.